Monarchy during this Century;
GEORGE III. 1760-1820. GEORGE IV.1820-1830. WILLIAM IV.1830-1837. VICTORIA 1837-1901.




Married. 1802 THEODOSIA KIRKHAM. (born 1781)Takeley.

Married. 1804 JAMES PLESTED.Cornhill.

Married. 1806 ESTHER HARRIS. London.

Married. 1807 GEORGE MATHEWS. St LEONARDS, Bromley.

Married. 1812 WILLIAM CHECKLEY.Bishopsgate.

Married. 1812 ELIZABETH GOODWYN. Licence issued Oct 8th.Order 0167611.

Married. 1814 ANN RICHARDSON.

Married. 1815 EDMUND PEERMUND. Bloomsbury.

Married. 1816 HANNAH BROWN. London.

Married. 1818 ELIZABETH JARVIS. Grt Dunmow.

Married. 1820 LOUISA STARKE. St Giles.

Married 1825 SARAH BULLOCK.St Margarets,London.

Married. 1829 LUEZAR XXXXXXX .Islington.

Married. 1830 MARTHA BROGGREF, May,St Leonards,London.

Married. 1830 JOSHUA HALE Little Hadham,Essex.

Married. 1830 HEPHZIBAH .AGER 13th May.Walworth Surrey.

Married. 1833 ELIZABETH BRADFIELD born 1809 Wisbeach,Cambridge.

Married. 1832 MARY STOCK born 1809.Takeley Essex.

Married. 1834 ISAAC MATTEN.Walthamstow.

Married. 1835 MARIA HAWKINS.Thorley Herts.

Married. 1838 WILLIAM SHIPP. Middlesex.

Married. 1841 MARY FLETCHER. Soho,London.

Married. 1842 WILLIAM PAYNE. Dunmow, Essex.

Married. 1843 MATILDA JUDD. 3rd qtr,Dunmow,Essex

Married. 1844 A. ROLFE. 2nd qtr, Braintree,Essex.

Married. 1845 RICHARD CAKEBREAD.Bishops Stortford.

Married. 1849 SUSAN EASTER,Dunmow,Essex.

Married. 1848 NAOMI WALLER. Dunmow,Essex.

Married. 1850 JOHN DIETMAN.Newington.Surrey.

Married. 1850 EMILY ESTER DRINKLE born 1833 St Pancras.London.

Married. 1852 THOMAS GRUBB.25th August.Paddington.

Married. 1853 MARTHA PERRY. Dunmow.Essex.

Married. 1855 EMMA STRUTT. Sudbury.Essex.

Married. 1856 GEORGE WAUD. London.

Married. 1857 ANN SHEPPARD born 1837. Westbury,Somerset.

Married. 1858 ANNIE FAULKLAND.Dunmow.

Married. 1858 WILLIAM COOPER.Takeley.

Married. 1859 ANN CLEVERLEY born 1838 Averton Wiltshire.

Married. 1859 MARY NEWELL born 1837.

Married. 1859 ALFRED BACON. Great Canfield,Dunmow Essex.

Married. 1862 JANE VALE.Takeley.Essex.

Married. 1862 SUSAN HALL.Kensington.

Married. 1864 ELIZABETH RYE. Dunmow, Essex.

Married. 1866 9th Sept MARY ANN COTTON at Portsea.

Married. 1866 JAMES BEDFORD.Kensington.

Married. 1866 HANNAH DAY. Epping,Essex.

Married. 1866 ELIZABETH HARRIES. St Issells,Pembroke,Wales.

Married. 1867 WILLIAM CANNON. Marylebone,London.

Married. 1868 30th Dec JAMES HARRIS, Bengal India.

Married. 1868 JOHN CAMP. Dunmow.

Married. 1864 ANN S. ATWELL. Hackney.

Married. 1874 ADA/ANN M. FROST.born 1851 Redgrave Suffolk.

Married. 1870 SARAH ELIZABETH KNIGHT born 1840.

Married. 1871 ISABELLA LOVE. Windsor Berks.

Married. 1872 JOHN ALBERT WILKINSON. Bethnal Green.

Married. 1873 ESTHER HERITAGE. Basford, Derby.

Married. 1874 ANN MARIA PAVERETT. Sudbury.

Married. 1875 MARY CALLAN born 1857 Kensington.London.

Married. 1875 CAROLINE AMELIA PRIOR born 1856 Grt,Wallingbury Essex.

Married. 1875 GEORGE CULLUM 20th May.Waterbeach,Cambs.

Married. 1876 JOHN CALLAN born 1859. Kensington.London.

Married. 1878 WILLIAM TAYLOR born 1851. .London.

Married. 1878 HENRT PHILPOTT born 1850. Dunmow.

Married. 1879 25th Apr THOMAS POPHAM LUSCOMBE, Bengal India.

Married. 1879 STEPHEN MARTIN born 1859. Harlow.

Married. 1879 SUSAN GOBELL.born 1857,Dagenham.Married 3rd qtr 1879,West Ham.

Married. 1881 SUSANNAH REYNOLDS.Bishop Stortford.

Married. 1881 ALFRED YOUNG Westminster.

Married. 1882 EDWARD WHEELER. Lavenham,Suffolk.

Married. 1883 SAMUEL HARRY HUMPHREY. Braintree.

Married. 1883 JOSEPH PARKER. Poplar.

Married. 1883 BENJAMIN STOCKER. Islington,London.

Married. 1884 CAROLINE FRIEND born 1863.Kensington,London.

Married. 1884 FANNY M. WAGHORN. born 1858. Australia.

Married. 1885 GEORGE THUROGOOD.SPARROW.born 1865. Hatfield Broad Oak.

Married. 1885 SPENCER MUDDLE.Seven Oaks Kent.

Married. 1887 HENRY JAMES BUDD.Lambeth.

Married. 1887 ELIZABETH MALSTER.Wansworth.

Married. 1887 30th Mar ADRIAN HOPE JOHNSTON, Bengal India.

Married. 1887 MARGARET BRYAN, Dublin, Ireland.

Married. 1888 ERNEST BOEG. Kensington ,London.

Married. 1888 ARTHUR HOBROW.Dunmow.

Married. 1888 FREDERICK FRANKLIN. Kensington ,London.

Married. 1889 HENRY CHARLES PALLETT.Takeley.

Married. 1889 HARRIET MILLS born 1871 Notting Hill,London.

Married. 1889 THIRZA GARDNER . Brentford.

Married. 1889 ANN THORPE .Kendal,Lancs.

Married. 1890 JULIA HARRINGTON. Halstead,Essex.

Married. 1890 JOHN HILLS. Hartley W.

Married. 1890 JOHN GALE. Brentford.

Married. 1891 JAMES RICHARD DOBINSON . Mile End.

Married. 1891 HENRY WILLIAM BOND. Kensington.

Married. 1891 WILLIAM NIGHTINGALE. Kensington.

Married. 1892 MARTHA MARIAH INGOLD.Dunmow.Essex.

Married. 1892 ELLEN CRATCHLEY. Gloucester.

Married. 1893 ROBERT STRATTON. Braintree.Essex.

Married. 1893 AMELIA SMALE born 1867.Stepney.

Married. 1893 SARAH BARTLAM. Aston.

Married. 1893 WILLIAM HENRY CLARKE.born 1875.Bethnal Green.

Married. 1894 CHARLES LEATHERS.Braintree.

Married. 1894 JOSEPH JOHN FOSTER.Ashby De La Zouch.

Married. 1894 HARRIET PARISH. Edmonton.

Married. 1894 ALICE MAUD NEWBURY. Brentford,Middlesex.

Married. 1895 HENRY JAMES BROWN. born 1869. Braintree.Essex.

Married. 1895 ST JOHN SEAMAN. Warick.

Married. 1896 LUIGI F. CHAPMAN.born 1871.Edmonton.

Married. 1897 JOSEPH ADAMS.Beverley.

Married. 1897 JOHN JAMES BARKER. Billericay.

Married. 1897 SAMUEL WATSON. Beverley.

Married. 1897 JOSIAH WIGHT.Stepney.

Married. 1897 TITUS BUCKLEY.Marylebone.

Married. 1897 THOMAS JOHN OLDFIELD.born 1861.Kensington.

Married. 1898 ROSE EDMONDS. West Ham.

Married. 1898 LOUISA REVILLS.Dunmow.

Married. 1899 MARY MILBOURNE. Fulham,London.

Married. 1899 AGNES NIGHTINGALE.Takeley,Essex.

Married. 1899 GEORGE RETTIE Lambeth.

Married. 1899 GARWOOD INGATE. Braintree.Essex.

Married. 1899 ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON. Edmonton.

Married. 1899 GODFREY WATKINS.born 1872. Edmonton.

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