Monarchy during this century;
EDWARD VII.1901-10. GEORGE V.1910-36. EDWARD VIII. Jan-Dec 1936. GEORGE VI. 1936-52. ELIZABETH II. 1952 - .



Married 1900 BENJAMIN WILLIAM WRIGHT. Kensington.

Married 1901 MINNIE LOUISE TYLER. Lambeth.

Married 1901 ELSIE MARY SMITH. Chesterfield.

Married 1901 ISABELLA COPPEN .St Olave,Southwark.

Married 1901 WILLIAM PERRIN, Takeley.


Married 1902 FLORENCE BEAN. Hampstead.

Married 1902 GEORGE ARIS . Bromley,Kent.

Married 1902 ROBERT JOHN LUSH . Braintree,Essex.

Married 1903 SAMUEL HERBERT STRATTON . Braintree,Essex.

Married 1903 MABEL ROGERS. Wansworth.

Married 1903 ROSE ANNE FLETCHER. Dunmow.Essex.

Married 1903 EMILY LOUISA HARRIS. Kensington.

Married 1904 JOHN MELLISH.


Married 1905 ALBERT JOSEPH BASFORD Braintree,Essex.

Married 1905 JANE FOWLER. Whitechapel.


Married 1906 NELLIE LOUISE MOSLEY.6th August. Kensington.

Married 1906 CAROLINE RING . Hendon.

Married 1906 PERCY ALLEN SMITH Epping.

Married 1907 JOSEPH CHARLES SPARROW . Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1907 GEORGE TURNER Paddington.

Married 1908 JOHN ALFRED TURNER Epping.

Married 1908 TOM MORGAN, West Ham.

Married 1909 ELLEN SOPHIA NICHOLS. Paddington.

Married 1909 JULIA GEORGE. Kensington.

Married 1909 MABEL MORRIS. Bishop Burton.Derby.

Married 1909 ELIZA HELEN MARTIN. Romford.

Married 1910 CHARLIE BURROWS. Kensington.

Married 1910 ARTHUR J SUTTON. Braintree.Essex.

Married 1910 AMY JULIET SEELEY,4th qtr, Braintree.Essex.

Married 1910 CHARLES C SMALLWOOD Braintree,Essex.

Married 1911 MAUDE FLORENCE LAWFORD. Nottingham.

Married 1911 ARTHUR J GILBERT Paddington.

Married 1911 WILLIAM J BURTON, Epping.

Married 1912 ALBERT OSWAN GOSTAN, Sault Ste Marie Alagoma Ontarrio Canada.

Married 1912 BARBARA HANNAH ATWOOD Karachi Pakistan.

Married 1913 JOHN WILSON STEELE.Wansworth.

Married 1913 ROSE LILIAN SWIFT.St Pancras.

Married 1913 VIOLET M WRIGHT. Paddington.

Married 1913 ANNIE CAVE . Poplar.

Married 1914 EMILY A SWAFFIELD. Lambeth.

Married 1914 ELISABETH M SPRINGHAM. Bishops Stortford.

Married 1915 JOHN S SHIRLEY. Islington.

Married 1915 FRANK J HERRON.West Ham.

Married 1915 LILLIAN YOUNG. born 1890 Kelvedon.Braintree.Essex.

Married 1915 MABEL M. FAREY. West Ham.

Married 1916 JOHN R MOORE. Wansworth.

Married 1916 CHARLES DAVIDS. West Ham.

Married 1916 LILIAN G MAY. Kensington.

Married 1916 LILIAN M COVENEY. Elham.

Married 1917 CATHERINE OBRIEN. Ireland.

Married 1917 JOSEPH COLEMAN. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1916 ANNIE BAKER. Lambeth.

Married 1917 HONNOR L EALSON. Kensington.

Married 1917 GEORGE C HEWETT. West Ham.

Married 1918 CYRIL CROPPER. West Ham.

Married 1918 SIDNEY A BECKER. West Ham.

Married 1918 GWENDOLINE NICHOLS. Kensington.

Married 1918 ALICE WOODERSON. East Ham.

Married 1918 SARAH SPELLER. Dunmow.Essex.

Married 1919 MABEL MARSH .Poplar.

Married 1919 DOLLY KIRK. Willesden.

Married 1919 ETHEL WRIGHT. Chesterfield.

Married 1919 FREDERICK C WHITE. Woolwich.

Married 1919 GERALD PATRICK B FITZGERALD. Brentford.

Married 1919 FRANCIS M SAMFORD. Epping,Harlow.

Married 1920 ARTHUR HURN. Ware,Essex.

Married 1920 JOHN REED . Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1920 FRANK OTWAY WINTER. Dunmow, Essex.

Married 1920 JOSEPH GUNYON. Mile End.

Married 1920 MINNIE M THURGOOD. Bishop Stortford.

Married 1921 WILLIAM L HOATSON.West Brom.

Married 1921 MAUD NICHOLASS . West Ham .

Married 1921 WINIFRED A WIEPRECHT . West Ham.

Married 1921 ALICE H V ISZARD .West Ham.

Married 1921 CONSTANCE G WHITNEY. Epping,Harlow.

Married 1921 LYDIA KINNURE.Willesden,Middx.

Married 1921 female xxxxxxx PLATT.Fulham.

Married 1921 female MARY HAMON. Woolwich.

Married 1921 DAISY ROBINS. Kensington.

Married 1922 STANFORD C CAMPBELL. West Ham.

Married 1922 EDWARD W ELLIS. Brentford.Middx,

Married 1922 MAY LITTLEJOHNS .Brentford.

Married 1922 EDITH M GREEN. Exeter.

Married 1922 DEBORAH MILLER. Paddington.

Married 1922 HELEN WHITTAKER. Edmonton.

Married 1922 KATE SYDEE. St Georges Hanover Sq.

Married 1923 GLADYS EMBERSON. Chelmsford.

Married 1923 EDWIN POOK. Kensington.

Married 1924 HARRY COX. West Ham.

Married 1924 JOSEPH GUNYON. St George East.

Married 1924 WILLIAM WARD. Willesden.

Married 1924 ROSE L STARKEY. Fulham.

Married 1924 ROSE CHAPMAN. Chesterfield,Derby.

Married 1924 BLANCHE V BROWN. West Ham.

Married 1925 SIDNEY GRAHAM. West Ham.

Married 1925 ALFRED CHRISTMAS. Braintree.


Married 1926 KATHLEEN A ALLEN.West Ham.

Married 1926 ELIZABETH LAMBERT.Poplar.

Married 1926 MILLICENT YOUNG.Willesden.

Married 1926 LESLIE R PICKERING.Gravesend.

Married 1927 ADA MAY.NEWMAN. Paddington.

Married 1927 DAISY W H LAKER. Portsmouth.

Married 1927 CHARLES T JOINER.Wandsworth.

Married 1927 EDWARD P BENNET.Ware,Essex.

Married 1927 MICHAEL J BYRNE. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1927 PATRICK HENRY. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1928 VIOLET ETHEL JALES. Fulham.

Married 1928 IVY MAY FLETCHER.willesden.


Married 1928 JOHN E J PRESTON. Wandsworth.

Married 1928 HENRY V NOBLE.Lambeth.

Married 1929 HILDA M COOTES. Rochford.

Married 1930 SUSAN COX. West Ham.

Married 1930 LESLIE JOHN WOOTTON.Willesden

Married 1930 DORIS H EMERTON. Kensington.

Married 1930 DOROTHY / DOLLY BUCKOKE.Willesden.

Married 1930 WINIFRED E RIDLEY. West Ham.

Married 1930 HILDA M HOLT. Edmonton.

Married 1930 THOMAS JACKSON. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1931 ERNEST A R CLARK Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1931 CELIA CLARA.BATHE. Paddington.

Married 1931 KATHLEEN WALSH. Chesterfield,Derby.

Married 1931 ANNE ELIZABETH HOWARD. Ireland.

Married 1931 GLADY'S ENA M FISHER. Brentford.

Married 1932 JENNIE MITCHELL. Middlesborough.

Married 1932 MABEL V. BESSANT. Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1932 HENRY G COOPER.Lambeth.

Married 1932 HORACE C MOLCHER.Willesden.

Married 1932 GLADY'S E COOMBES.Lambeth.

Married 1933 JANE HANNAH HEWITT. Brentford.

Married 1933 ELLEN E. JONES. Bromley.


Married 1933 ALFRED WARDEN. Chertsey.

Married 1933 PHILIP T DALE.Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1933 ARTHUR HOGGARD. Beverley.

Married 1933 JACK GAROOD. Brentford.

Married 1933 ALFRED WINCH. West Ham.

Married 1934 ROSINA MAY BRYANT. Brentford.

Married 1934 NORA AGNES PORTER. Samford.

Married 1934 GLADY'S REBECCA PERRIN. Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1934 OLIVE G ELLERBECK. Marylebone.

Married 1934 CHARLES BAKER. Battersea.

Married 1934 DAVID S S AMOS. Fulham.

Married 1935 PHYLISS M DAFFIN. Chesterfield.

Married 1935 ARTHUR EDWARD RAYNER. Dunmow,Essex.

Married 1935 THOMAS A MEDLEY.Chelmsford.

Married 1936 AGNES MARY PURVIS,Camberwell.

Married 1936 MARY EMMA POCOCK.Paddington.

Married 1937 DORIS E CAVE. Willesden.

Married 1937 MARTHA A BANKS.Edmonton.

Married 1937 EDITH A DICKENS. Chester.

Married 1937 ALICE L ROGERS. Willesden.

Married 1937 LESLIE WELLS. Camberwell.

Married 1937 JAMES A PARISH.Braintree.

Married 1937 EDWARD J ALLEN. West Ham.

Married 1938 SAMUEL C N SHELLEY.Camberwell.


Married 1938 KATHLEEN MALLENDER.Chesterfield.

Married 1938 MARY HOARE. Greenwich.

Married 1938 DOROTHY M MARSHALL. Chelmsford.

Married 1938 IVY MAY PATTENDEN.Hendon.

Married 1938 MARGARET PATTERSON.Lewisham.

Married 1938 OLIVE KIDMAN Southwark.

Married 1938 GERTRUDE MAUDE EVA OLDFIELD. Kensington.


Married 1939 IRENE DOROTHY ADA MARY REILLY.Paddington.

Married 1939 MARTHA BREWIN. Horncastle.

Married 1939 ETHEL ROSE JOHNSON.Surrey Mid.

Married 1939 IVY M ROGERS.East Ham.

Married 1939 GORDON E PELLINS.Kensington.

Married 1939 GEORGE A CROUCH. Hamstead.

Married 1939 DONALD K R HUDSON.Willesden.

Married 1940 DOROTHY JACKSON.Deptford.

Married 1940 FREDERICK A ROWE.Hendon.

Married 1940 PATRICK MANN. Gateshead.

Married 1941 HERBERT H SHARPE.Willesden.

Married 1941 JOHN F EDWARDS.Willesden.

Married 1941 LILY SUZANNAH M AVERY.Leominster.

Married 1941 CHARMIANE ANNE SUSAN SHARPE, South Africa.

Married 1941 ESTHER EPPS.Sheppey.

Married 1941 GLADY'S WATSON Sheffield

Married 1942 CHARLES E J HEYHOE.Bromley.

Married 1942 EDWARD C H HORNE. Kensington.

Married 1943 JOHN SWAN.Birmingham.

Married 1944 ABRAHAM GREAVES.Chesterfield.

Married 1944 ROBERT T SETCHELL. Willesden.

Married 1944 VICTOR K G WESTON. Surrey mid E.


Married 1944 IVY D SOFFLETT.Brentford.

Married 1944 DOREEN MATCHETT.Chesterfield.

Married 1944 WALTER KING.Hendon

Married 1944 ANNE M BEDFORD.Poplar.


Married 1944 ALFRED ROOTS. Hendon.

Married 1944 HAROLD K LITTLEWOOD.Dept Wade.

Married 1945 ERNEST R EATON. Lambeth.

Married 1945 DAPHNE J SAUNDERS.Wycombe.

Married 1945 ANNIE SMITH.Durham.

Married 1945 JOYCE ADA BONNY. Hendon.

Married 1945 VERA L M BRIGHT. Bromley.

Married 1946 JOHN BULL Chelmsford.

Married 1946 MICHAEL J BYRNE. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1946 JAMES DOYLE. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1947 REGINALD POWELL, Staines.

Married 1947 STANLEY L DRAKE, Kensington.

Married 1946 ANNIE RICHARDSON, South Shields.

Married 1946 THERESA M C HUGHES,Lewisham.

Married 1947 OLIVE DAPHNE INGRAM,Bournemouth.

Married 1947 WINIFRED WAKELING, Bromley.

Married 1948 LILLIAN HAINES, Romford.

Married 1948 ELLA I STREDDER, Nottingham.

Married 1948 DOROTHY FORSHAW, Preston.

Married 1948 DOREEN KER, Wood Green.

Married 1948 GLADY'S R COOK, .

Married 1948 FREDA J GOWAN, Kensington.

Married 1948 BESSIE WILES, Battersea.

Married 1948 JOAN I GOODING, Essex S W .

Married 1949 ENID WALFORD. Willesden

Married 1949 JOAN BRIGGS, Durham S.E.

Married 1949 ELLEN FLORENCE BATT, Romford.

Married 1949 WILLIAM C STENTAFORD ,Kensington. .

Married 1949 TEAL, Romford.

Married 1949 FREDERICK W FREKE Ealing.


Married 1950 FREDERICK LEGATT, Islington.

Married 1950 KEN W FISHER, Braintree.

Married 1950 ERIC J CANTY, Harrow.

Married 1950 MICHAEL FARRELL. Dublin Ireland.

Married 1950 EVE M ROBERTS, Kensington .

Married 1950 PHYLLIS ARGENT, Braintree. .

Married 1950 MARIE LOUISE LINDARS, Harrow. .

Married 1950 JOYCE E GREEN, Edmonton .

Married 1951 MARGUERITE EDITH STONE, Ilford .

Married 1951 DORIS S WILLIAMS, West Ham.

Married 1951 JULIA DIANA SMITH OTWAY, Stockport

Married 1951 DENNIS PATRICK OSULLIVAN , Willesden.

Married 1951 LAWRENCE W WAREHAM , Willesden.

Nee BESANT Married 1951 STAN STANFORD. Dunmow.

Married 1951 JAMES L DELL, Aylesbury.

Married 1952 EDWARD S QUEHEN, Middx S.

Married 1952 RONALD C R DIGBY, Brentford .

Married 1952 LEONARD G AGOMBAR , West Ham.

Married 1952 KENNETH W EAGLES, Harrow.

Married 1952 LESLIE J WALKER, W/Ham.

Married 1952 JOHN B WALMESLEY, Birmingham.

Married 1952 MARY C BATTON, Kensington.

Married 1952 MAUREEN F HODGES, Maidstone.

Married 1952 ROSALIND A E CHAPPELL, Dover.

Married 1952 PAMELA J M CANNING, Surrey Mid E.

Married 1952 BETTY FORES, Fulham.

Married 1952 MARGARET WAKE, Ilford.

Married 1952 VIOLET D THOMSON, E/Ham.

Married 1953 NORMAN HART, Surrey N.

Married 1953 FREDERICK E CUTTS, Chesterfield.

Married 1953 JAMES S LEWIS, Willesden.

Married 1953 PATRICIA E JONES, Dunmow.

Married 1954 ALFRED H J DAY, Islington.

Married 1954 FRANK N SILVESTER, Romford.

Married 1954 MILDRED MAUDE WILLSON, Dartford.

Married 1954 ROSIE SCOTCHFORD, Iford.

Married 1954 ELEANOR MAY PORTER, Essex S W.

Married 1955 ARCHIE TURNER, Willesden.

Married 1955 GRAHAM HUTCHINGS, Maldon.

Married 1955 JOSEF ZAVALSKY, Bournemouth.

Married 1955 RAMON CAMPRUBI, Hendon.

Married 1955 HERBERT F STEPHENSON, Harrow.

Married 1955 COLIN J BADLAND, Coventry.

Married 1955 EVELYN B ABBOTT, Surrey N E.

Married 1955 SYLVIA A WAGSTAFF, Chelmsford.

Married 1955 BESSIE DAVIS, Chesterfield.

Married 1956 DOROTHY J PENFOLD, Middlesex S.

Married 1956 ERIC R COOCHEY, Ealing.

Married 1956 KENNETH J NOTTAGE, Ilford.

Married 1956 JOHN A KRIVITSKI, Edmonton.

Married 1956 FREDERICK T WHITEROD, Braintree.

Married 1957 RITA WALTON, Hammersmith.

Married 1957 KATHLEEN ATTEW, Ealing.

Married 1957 OLWEN ANDREW, Hamstead.

Married 1957 JOHN F GUIHAN, Islington.

Married 1957 DAVID WILLIAMS, Harrow.

Married 1958, MICHAEL HIGGINS, W/Ham.

Married 1958 GORDON J GIMSON, Ealing.

Married 1958, ANTONI PAWELCZYK, Wycombe.

Married 1958 JOAN L BLAKE, Fulham.

Married 1958 MARY ELIZABETH BARRETT,Coventry.

Married 1958 VIOLET I FRASER, Dover.

Married 1958 MAUREEN PARKER, Sheffield.

Married 1958 BARBARA J BROWN, Aylesbury.

Married 1958 DOROTHY M GOULD, Romford.

Married 1959 DONALD A ROSS, Deptford.

Married 1960 RAY M MARSHALL, Ilford.


Married 1960 CAROL E WHEATON, Romford.

Married 1960 KATHLEEN A HENEGAN, Kensington.

Married 1960 FREDA A BARKER, Dunmow.

Married 1961 ANNE M DIXON, Ilford.

Married 1961 MAUREEN HAMILTON, Chesterfield.

Married 1961 BRIAN M HARRIS, W/Ham.

Married 1961 TERENCE E S BLUNDEN, Chelmsford.

Married 1961 JOHN LOWTON, Chesterfield.

Married 1961 PETER S WOODHATCH, Surrey NW.

Married 1961 JOHN E G ALTHOFF, W/Ham.

Married 1962 JUNE VILDERS, N.S.Wales, Australia.

Married 1962 ANN ROGERS, Harrow.

Married 1962 SHEILA FLETCHER, Hemel Hempstead.

Married 1962 ANN SALTER, Surrey Mid E.

Married 1962 JAMES GAHAN, Hendon.

Married 1962 WILLIAM QUIRKE, Sheffield.

Married 1962 ALAN V WRIGHT, Dunmow.

Married 1963 MARGARET P DOYLE. Coventry.

Married 1963 CAROL BROOK, Aylesbury.

Married 1963 MARGARET HUNT, Chesterfield.

Married 1963 LILIAS MACDONALD, Ealing.

Married 1963 MARGARET WIGGINS, W/Ham.

Married 1963 CHRISTINE L ANDRESS, Harrow.

Married 1963 JANICE K MILES, E/Ham.

Married 1963 JUNE D POOLE, Hendon.

Married 1963 ROGER FRANKLIN LADHAM, Takeley.

Married 1963 BARRY CARSWELL, Dover.

Married 1963 THOMAS JURY ,Harlow.

Married 1964 PETER A ELSON, Notts

Married 1964 MICHAEL K KAYE, Edmonton.

Married Approx 1964 VALERIE KATHLEEN CASTIGNANI, South Africa.

Married 1964 CAROLE ANN PARISH, W/Ham.

Married 1965 MARIAN F TUTHILL, Edmonton.

Married 1965 PAMELA M GRANT, Thanet.

Married 1965 JEAN HILL, Chesterfield.

Married 1965 KENNETH TREAGEAR Willesden.

Married 1965 JEFFREY L APPLEGATE, Epping.

Married 1965 BRIAN A WATSON, Nottingham.

Married 1966 STELLA PEGG, Bishop Stortford.

Married 1966 CAROLE M BATSON, Ealing.

xxxxxxxx SKINGLE Married 1966 xxxxxxxx, Dunmow.

Married 1966 MICHAEL G TUCKER, Poplar.

Married 1966 WILLIAM L STURLEY, Amersham.

Married 1967 EDITH HINTZ Ealing

Married 1967 CAROL A SCHWARTZ, Chesterfield

Married 1967 ELLEN M WOOD, Hailsham.

Married 1967 CARMEL DUFFY. Coventry.

Married 1967 PAULINE C JONES Coventry.

Married 1967 EVELINE JONES Coventry.

Married 1967 ROBERT G E GOFFIN, Epping.

Married 1967 BARRY J POWELL, Sheppey.

Married 1967 JEFFREY T BOYD, H Hempstead.

Married 1967 LIONEL C AUBIGNAC, Chesterfield .

Married 1968 CAROL L BURCHELL, Windsor

Married 1968 DIANA P BOOTH, Sheffield.

Married 1968 DORIS EMMA SKINGLE (nee CAVE). Hillingdon.

Married Approx 1968, KENNETH IAN FRANCIS BRAIDWOOD, South Africa.

Married 1968 PETER WALLACE, Poplar

Married 1968 WALTER F S SKINGLE, Hillingdon.

Married 1968 RICHARD T COOPER, Brentwood.

Married 1968 JOHN R BLACK, Nottingham.

Married 1968 MICHAEL J STOCKS, Chesterfield.

Married 1968 JAMES W B McGEE,Fulham..

Married 1968 DAVID S M BLACKWELL, Barking.

Married 1968 HERBERT H BOSLEY, Kens.

Married 1969 DAVID R LOCKE, Enfield.

Married 1969 IAN RYLEY, Bournemouth.

Married 1969 ROBERT RATCLIFFE, Chesterfield.

Married 1969 MICHAEL J POWELL, Fulham.

Married 1969 ALLAN FINBOW, Chelmsford.

Married 1969 RONALD WILLIAMS, Epping.

Married 1970 YVONNE TRIPASS. Coventry.

Married 1970 PAMELA J STEELE. Hemel Hempstead

Married 1970 BRENDA WATKINS. Newham.


Married 1970 MAUREEN GAME Islington.

Married 1970 SUSAN H ASHFORD Watford.

Married 1970 PRISCILLA ADA JESSIE HART Nottingham.

Married 1970 ANTHONY T H KEELEY, Eton.

Married 1970 ARTHUR J BISHOP, Hull.

Married 1970 MICHAEL BOOSEY, Sheppey.

Married Approx 1971 HELEN CLARKE, South Africa.

Married 1971 PETER W Mc RAE. Epping.

Married 1971 MICHEAL CATURANI Haringey.

Married 1971 FRANCIS JOHN WILSON Hillingdon.

Married 1971 JOHN TALBOTT Brent.

Married 1972 PAUL H REANEY, Sheffield.

Married 1972 GEORGE C BUCKMAN, Amersham.

Married 1972 FREDERICK BENNETT, Chester.

Married 1972 DAVID M WAKELIN SMITH, Folkestone.

Married 1972 KEITH M PHILPOTT, Alcester.

Married 1972 BRIAN BENTLEY, Holdering.

Married 1972 CHRISTINE M CARPENTER. Camberwell.

Married 1972 MARILYN R THURSTON. Eastbourne.

Married 1972 DENISE E KEARNEY Colchester.

Married 1972 PHYLLIS M COLLINS. Bridge.

Married 1972 LYNETTE R SCOTT Poole.

Married 1972 JILL CHAMERLAIN Brighton.

Married 1974 ANNE S DUYNHOWSER . Kentucky USA.

Married 1973 JOHN F CAMERON, Braintree.

Married 1973 BRIAN J OSBORNE, Dover.

Married 1973 JOHN LLEWELLYN, Dover.

Married 1973 KENNETH A CANDELAND, Manchester.

Married 1973 ENID PHILLIPS Manchester.

Married 1973 JOY P KEEBLE Chesterfield.


Married 1974 NORMAN R SMITH, Coventry.

Married 1974 KENNETH A GELDER, Bath.

Married 1974 PAT A CHOPPING Braintree.


Married 1974 LYNN RODGERS Chester.

Married 1974 MARGARET JONES Ealing.

Married 1974 SUSAN ELIZABETH JONES Harlow.

Married 1974 CAROL GREENWAY Dudley.

Married 1974 VALERIE J ROSE, Dacorum.

Married 1975 JEAN M WILMOTY Plymouth.

Married 1975 CHRISTINE ABBOTT, Ealing.

Married 1975 GWENDOLINE J WYATT, Chatham.

Married 1975 TERESA V FORD, Poplar.

Married 1975 PAMELA J GOODALL, Manchester.

Married 1975 MARY J LEE, Braintree.

Married 1975 DAPHNE PARISH, Sutton.

Married 1975 MARGARET LINEHAN, Hamstead.

Married 1975 LES DONINGTON Nth Bucks.

Married 1975 PATRICK O'DWYER Wansworth.

Married 1975 ALAN BEER,Colchester.

Married 1975 CHRISTOPHER R HALL, Epping.

Married 1975 ROBIN MUNN, Fulham.

Married 1975 MICHAEL D LANGLEY, Elstree.

Married 1976 REX H. J. HOWARD. Chelmsford.

Married 1976 GARY ALBERT OGBURN, Braintree.

Married 1976 MICHAEL G WILLIAMS, Braintree.

Married 1976 LEONARD A ROBERSON, Hendon.

Married 1976 CHRISTINE M WREW Hertford.

Married 1977 VANESSA J PEAT, Hemel Dacorum.

Married 1977 JEANETTE WHIPPS, Epping Forest.

Married 1977 SUSAN M TICKLE, Sheffield.

Married 1977 NIGEL S B PRICE, Gloucester.

Married 1977 PAUL M RAINFORD, Waltham Forest.

Married 1977 DAVID C BARNES, Brighton.

Married 1977 TREVOR J AMBROSE, Braintree.

Married 1978 GEORGE H HAWKSLEY, Nottingham.

Married 1978 JOHN BRINDLEY, Harrow.

Married 1978 TRINA A WELLS, Braintree.


Married 1979 SUSAN J SHURROCKS, Surrey S.W.

Married 1979 STUART Mc PHEE, Chester.

Married 1979 xxxxx ROSE Colchester.

Married 1980 HELEN REED, Surrey S.E.

Married 1980 SHARON CUTHBERT, Shepney.

Married 1980 YVONNE PEASE, Braintree.

Married 1980 MANDY J EYRE, St Austell.

Married 1981 KATHLEEN M KAPPLER, Camden.

Married 1981 JANE LOWTHER, Nottingham.

Married 1981 KEIL N Mc QUEEN, Havering.

Married 1981 STEPHEN P TULLY, Coventry.

Married 1982 JOY M PILGRIM, Dover.

Married 1982 CAROL F NEWMAN, Nth Bucks.

Married 1982 TERESA A LANE, Barnet.

Married 1982 JOHN P PAYNE, Brighton.

Married 1982 MICHAEL E A STIRRUP, Braintree.

Married 1983 COLIN FARREL, N.S.W.Australia.

Married 1983 DENISE M BURTON, Torbay.

Married 1983 SHIRLEY M PINK, Lewes.

Married 1983 ELIZABETH WALKER, Bradford.

Married 1984 DEBRA J BILLAM, Stroud.

Married 1984 LINDA SAVOURY, Surrey, N W.


Married 1984 ALFRED HUNTLEY, Dover.

Married 1984 PATRICK SAWCZYSZYN, Hendon.

Married 1985 ROY MARGERUM, Colchester.

Married 1985 DOUGLAS GORDON, Surrey S.W.

Married 1985 DERMOT McKEOWN, Hillingdon.

Married 1985 TIM RAWLINGS, Dacorum.

Married 1985 GARY CHEETHAM, Chesterfield.

Married 1985 TREVOR ALDERSON, Chelmsford.

Married 1985 SUSAN KNIGHT, Havering.

Married 1986 FRANCES R DUNCAN. Kensington/Chelsea.

Married 1986 LYNN WAKELING, Braintree.

Married 1987 JOHN PALMER, Dacorum.

Married 1988 JOY DAWSON ,Harlow.

Married 1988 IRIS M BLACK, Colchester.

Married 1988 BARBARA ANN VANLOO, St Austell.

Married 1988 GARY BROCKWELL, Sutton.

Married 1988 KEITH AHEARN Braintree.

Married 1988 ROBERT MORRIS Rushcliffe.

Married 1989 LORRAINE K DICKSON, Havering.

Married 1989 CAROLE WOODS, Havering.

Married 1989 COLIN THAIN, Broxbourne.

Married 1989 JOSEPH WIDDOWSON, Chesterfield.

Married 1989 RICHARD NEWMAN, Redbridge.

Married 1989 SEAMUS GARLAND, Coventry.

Married 1989 ALAN JONES, Truro.

Married 1990 MICHAELA FOSTER, Havering.

Married 1990 JOY M NEWLAND, Dover.

Married 1990 SIMON SCHNEIDER, Hove.

Married 1990 JOHN HARWOOD, Aylesbury.

Married 1990 EDWIN JAMES, Cambden.

Married 1990 JOHN HOCKLEY, Braintree.

Married 1991 ALISON L ROPER Hounslow.

Married 1991 CAROLINE PHILLIPS, Camden.

Married 1991 STEVEN WADDOUPS, Chesterfield.

Married 1991 LEE H TURNER, Crawley.

Married 1992 NICOLA MINNS, Wellingborough.

Married 1992 NEIL LOWE, Chesterfield.

Married 1992 DUSTIN HOUGHTON, Eastbourne.

Married 1993 ELIZABETH ODDY, Eastbourne.

Married 1993 COLIN SEYMOUR, Hatfield.

Married 1994 CHRISTOPHER PILCHER, Dover.

Married 1994 PETER Q MULLER. Haywards Heath.

Married 1994 ANDREW BENNET, Hatfield.

Married 1995 REBECCA J STRUDWICK, Aylesbury

Married 1995 SUSAN RATTRAY, Coventry.

Married 1995 JOANNE BOOTH, Coventry.

Married 1995 MICHAEL LUCHFORD, Dover.

Married 1996 KIM Y DAY, Broxbourne.

Married 1996 MARIA STEEL, Havering.

Married 1996 ADAM DUCKSBURY, Brentwood.

Married 1996 PATRICK OBRIEN, Southend.
Married 1996 PATRICK OBRIEN, Southend.

Married 1996 DANIEL CARNEY, Barking.

Married 1996 GEORGE SAUNDERS, Aberconway.

Married 1997 KYLA J CARDY, Southend.

Married 1997 xxxxxxx EDWARDS, Oldham.

Married 1997 KAREN C MORLEY, Chester.

Married 1997 SARAH J FARTHING, Coventry.

Married 1997 BARBARA LEIDL, Cambden.

Married 1997 TRACEY M CAUSER, Romford.

Married 1997 SHARRON E ROSE, West Surrey.

Married 1997 CAROLINE HOWARD, Oldham.

Married 1997 AMANDA SHANLEY, Eastbourne.

Married 1997 JOANNE OVERY, Braintree.

Married 1997 STEVEN SKINNER, Luton.

Married 1997 IAN TETLEY, Westminster.

Married 1998 LOUISE HEWETT, Canterbury.

Married 1998 KYM M WILSON, Leighton Buzzard. Eastbourne.

Married 1998 MARK C CHAPLAIN, Braintree.

Married 1998 KEVIN WEBB, Braintree.

Married 1999 SARAH HANCOCK, Chesterfield.

Married 1999 DUNCAN BUTLER, Colchester.

Married 1999 DAVID JAMES, Dacorum.

Married 1999 MEHRAN YOUSEFI, Lewes.

Married 1999 ANTHONY WALSH, Milton Keynes.

Married 1999 SIMMON DUGGAN, Epping Forest.

Married 1999 MARK BARDSLEY, Kingston.

Monarchy during this Period;
ELIZABETH II. 1952 - .



Married 2000 DEAN SMITH, Chesterfield.

Married 2000 JEREMY ANSELL, Northampton.

Married 2000 DONOVAN HULL, Barking.

Married 2000 TINA DESBOROUGH, Gretna Green, Scotland.

Married 2000 SHELLEY HAVENHAND. Sheffield.

Married 2001 RACHEL A SUTTON. Coventry.

Married 2002 CRAIG WILLIAMS, Coventry.

Married 2002 ERNEST W CALCOTT . Chesterfield.

Married 2002 LUKE ISHERWOOD, Epping Forest.

Married 2002 DARREN GLOYN. St Albans.

Married 2002 ALISON L RICKARD. Hatfield.

Married 2002 CAROL A HUGHES, Swansea.

Married 2003 GILLIAN WAITE. Nth Yorkshire.

Married 2003 NOELLE GALLON, Ledbury.

Married 2003 LEANNE T BARTHOLOMEW, Braintree.

Married 2003 ERNEST WIGGINS, Redbridge.

Married 2003 RONALD J KELD, North Yorkshire.

Married 2003 CALVIN STORER. Aylesbury.

Married 2003 NICHOLAS BIRD, Braintree.

Married 2004 ROSEMARIE WHITE. Coventry.

Married 2004 VICKI FENWICK. Coventry.

Married 2004 REBECCA MERRYMAN. Sheffield.

Married 2004 JAYNE MCDONALD Chesterfield.

Married 2004 RICHARD W SHEPHERD, Chesterfield.

Married 2005 MARY ANN P TURNER, Norfolk.


Married 2005 DAREN H CROWSON, Norfolk.

Married 2005 JODIE L CLIFFORD Warickshire.

Married 2005 KELLY RICHARDS. Clwyd.

Married 2005 ANNIE HEYNES. Havering.

Married 2008 JO ANNE TAYLOR. Harrow.

Married 2008 ANNA MARIE VENETICO. St Albans.

Married 2009 KELLY FIELD.

Married 2010 MARK BURFIELD.

Married 2011 NATALIE BERRY. Marlow, Bucks

Married 2016 PAUL JOHN BROUGH. Chesterfield.

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