DANIEL SKINGLE 1845 - 1886

Daniel Skingle born Jan 15th 1845 Bermondsey. Baptised 6th Apr 1845 St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, London. Son of John Skingle and Angelina Taylor. Daniel's Occ in 1861; Stationer's Porter. On the 23rd July 1863 at the age of 18 years Daniel enlisted in the Army, to serve for ten years in the 12th Regiment, his Army Medical record was as follows;
Height 5ft 7 inches,
Complexion Fresh,
Eyes Black,
Hair Brown.
On the 1st Dec 1863 he was sent to serve in Australia and the New Zealand Campaign until Aug 1867. 1871 Census Daniel was stationed in Fulwood Military Base in Lancashire. In Dec 1872 Daniel re engaged to serve for a further 11 years service and went on to serve in India in 1876 which included the Afganistan Campaign 1879 to 1880. Daniel was promoted to Corporal on the 15th May 1881 he was then sent to the East Indies in Nov 1881 until the 15th Dec of that year. He was sent home on the 16th Dec 1881 and was discharged on the 12th of May 1882, he had served approx 19 years in the Army. Daniel married Emily Churchill in the 4th qtr 1883, Uxbridge. Residence 8, North Street, Isleworth, Middlesex. They had two known children. Daniel died 5th May 1886, Uxbridge.

Ellen Skingle 1884 - 1886
Alfred Charles Skingle 1886 - 1943.


John Valentine Skingle born 14th Feb 1847, Baptised 9th May 1847 St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, London. Son of John Skingle and Angelina Taylor. John Valentine on the 11th March 1862 signed up for a five year Apprenticeship to be a Lighterman his master was Mr Edward Matthews, Johns Apprenticeship finished on the 9th Apr 1867. John Valentine married Ann Maria Frost d.o.b. 1851 in Redgrave, Suffolk. Daughter of Rebecca Frost of Stewton Suffolk, born 1818. The marraige took place 4th qtr 1874. John's Occ; Lighterman, Res; 28, Farrance St. They had two known children. John Valentine died on the 24th Jan 1903, in the River Thames off Woolwich. John Valentine left effects to the value of 154 to his wife Ann Maria. Ann Maria died 4th qtr 1927, West Ham.

Alice Maud Skingle 1876 - 1935
John Skingle 1878 - 1878.

ALFRED C.SKINGLE 1849 - 1911

Alfred C.Skingle born 2nd qtr 1849, Bermondsey, London. Son of John Skingle and Angelina Taylor. Married Isabella Love born Windsor, Berks. Marriage took place in the 4th qtr 1871, St Olave. 1881 Residence: 114 Holland Road, Lambeth, Surrey. 1891 Occ; Building Surveyor. Res; 79, St James Rd, Brixton. Res; 1901 12, Villa Road, Brixton,Lambeth. They had nine known children. Alfred died 3rd qtr 1911, Lambeth. Isabella died on the 20th June 1923, at 12, Villa Road, Brixton, Lambeth. Isabella left to her two Eldest sons Alfred Charles and Herbert John the sum of 2,302 -13s-9d.

Lilian Mary Skingle 1873 - 1873
Alfred Charles Skingle 1873 -1954
Herbert John Skingle 1877 - 1940
Sydney William Skingle 1878 - 1946
Mabel Isabella S Skingle 1880 - 1969
Hilda Gladys Skingle 1882- 1974
David Leslie Skingle 1884 - 1957
Fredrick Harold.Skingle 1887- 1948
Frank Douglas Skingle 1889- 1955.


Frederick Skingle born Dec 1850/Jan 1851 in Bermondsey, London. Son of John Skingle and Angelina Taylor. Married Amelia Smale born 1866. Marriage registered in 2nd qtr 1893. Occ; 1901 Paper Warehousman. Res; 19, Kensington Ave, Manor Park. They had one known son. Frederick died on the 8th Jan 1912, at Guy's Hospital Surrey,Southwark. Frederick left all his effects which the total value came to 44 - 7s to his wife Amelia. Amelia died 3rd qtr 1949, Paddington.

Frederick Reginald Skingle 1894 - 1965


Elizabeth Skingle born 1854, Walworth. The Daughter of John Skingle and Angelina Taylor. Married 2nd qtr 1877 St Olave, to William John Williams. They had two known children.

Alice A Williams 1878 -
John H D Williams 1880 -

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