MOSES SKINGLE 1825 - 1869

Moses Skingle born 1825, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. 1861 occ, Agricultural Labourer not married. At time of 1861 census Moses was at his brother George's cottage. Moses married Elizabeth Rye in 3rd qtr 1864, Dunmow. Moses died 1st qtr 1869, Dunmow.


William Skingle born 22nd April 1827 . Christened 11th Jun 1827. The son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. William's Occ; Farm Labourer, Married Naomi Waller born 1829, the daughter of Thomas and Ann Waller. The marraige took place in Dec 1848, H.B.O. Dunmow. They had one known child. William Skingle died in the 3rd qtr 1853. Naomi now a widow remarried to George Daniel Waud born 1839 the son of William and Elizabeth Waud. In the 1851 census the Waud family shared number 7, Maidenhead Court. This was the same property that Ann Waller and her family also lived in 1851. Naomi and George's marraige took place on the 8th Dec 1856, East London. Witness's were Thomas Benstead and Amelia Waller younger sister of Naomi. By 1861 Naomi had two children by her new husband George Waud Occ; Artists Colour Maker, They were living at 1, Fig Tree Court, Cripplesgate, London. Naomi and George went on to have a further four children making a total of six in all. Naomi died in the 2nd qtr 1891, Hackney. George Daniel Waud died in the 4th qtr 1896, Edmonton.

Eve Elizabeth Ann Skingle 1850 -

Louisa Waud 1858 -
George H Waud 1860 -
Emma Waud 1863 -
Elizabeth Waud 1866 -
Alice Waud 1869 -
Alfred T Waud 1870 - 1871


Thomas Skingle born 7th Dec 1828, christened 23rd Mar 1829. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird.

DANIEL SKINGLE 1831 - 1910.

Daniel Skingle born 3rd April 1831. Christened 19th Jun 1831, at Hatfield Broad Oak Essex. The son of Daniel skingle and Elizabeth Bird. occ, 1901 Engineers Labourer. Married Martha Perry born 1833, in the 2nd qtr 1853, Dunmow. Census 1881 Residence: Fore Street, Harlow, Essex. They had Seven known children. Martha died 3rd qtr 1888, Epping. Daniel died 8th Feb 1910. Epping.

Jemima Skingle 1853 - 1892
William Skingle 1855 - 1932
Charles Daniel.Skingle 1858 - 1914
Emma Skingle 1863 - 1941
Alfred Edward Skingle 1867 - 1928
Alice Skingle 1873 - 1956
Annie Skingle 1875 - 1904



Sarah Skingle born 27th May 1833. Christened 18th Aug 1833, at Hatfield Broad Oak Essex. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. Married John Young in the 2nd qtr 1849, Bilericay.


George Skingle born 10th Jan 1835, Christened 15th Feb 1835. Hatfield Broad Oak. Essex. The son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. In 1859 he Married Mary Newall, d.o.b. 1837. The Daughter of Ann Newall born 1798. Residence ; 1861, Cottage Musbrook Street. Hatfield Broad Oak. Occ, Agricultural Labourer. Residence : 1881 Cage End Hatfield Broad Oak. They had six children. Mary died 4th qtr 1876, Dunmow. George was in lodgings in 1901 at the home of William Payne the bootmaker and husband of the late Mary Skingle. George died 4th qtr 1909.

William Skingle 1860 - 1893
Henry Skingle 1864 - 1883
Jane Skingle 1867 - 1937
Eliza Skingle 1869 - 1952
Alfred Skingle 1871 -1947
John Skingle 1874 -1942


Jemima Skingle born 15th Mar 1837, Christened 23rd July 1837. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird.

HENRY SKINGLE 1839 - 1891

Henry Skingle born 3rd qtr 1839 , Hatfield Broad Oak. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. Henry Married Susannah Pickett, born 1832, Hatfield Broad Oak. Res 1871 ; 3, Peace William Road, H.B.O. They had Susannah's 81yr old grd father Richard Pickett living with them. Henry died 1st qtr 1891, Dunmow. 1891 Res; Block Road. George, Henry's brother was at Susannah's at the time of the 1891 census on the 5th April, Henry had died by the time of the census. Susannah died on the 14th May 1905, Dunmow. Susannah left effects to the sum of 65-16s-3d to George Buckle Pickett.


Charles Skingle born 2nd qtr 1842 Christened 1843. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Elizabeth Bird. Charles was a servant / ploughman in 1861 for farmer Dennis and family, Res; Farm house, H.B.O. Occ in 1901 was Horse keeper on Farm. He Married Jane Vale born 1841 Takeley, Daughter of Robert Vale. The marraige was on the 8th Feb 1862, Takeley. Charles's brother Henry and Susannah Pickett were witness's. Henry would later marry Susannah. The family residence was Tabrums Green, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, in 1881. Charles and Jane had nine children in all but six had died by 1911. The family suffered a tradgedy in the 2nd qtr of 1883 when they lost four children in the same qtr. Charles died 1st qtr 1915, Dunmow. Jane died 1st qtr 1927, Bishops Stortford.

Elizabeth Ann Skingle 1862 - 1896
Emma Skingle 1865 - 1926
Walter Skingle 1867 - 1942
Clara Skingle 1868 - 1883
Eliza Skingle 1871 - 1883
Daniel Skingle 1874 - 1883
William Skingle 1879 - 1879
Mary Skingle 1881 - 1883
Pearl Margaret Skingle 1884 - 1951


George Skingle born 1846. Hatfield Broad Oak. Essex. The son of William Skingle and Mary Unknown.

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