JEMIMA SKINGLE 1853 - 1892

Jemima Skingle born 1853, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Jemima married John Albert Wilkinson born 1839, the marraige took place in the 4th qtr 1872 Bethnal Green. John Albert had been previously married to Augusta Victoria Hazel born in 1838 Burnham Bucks. Augusta's Occ; A Bonnet Sewer, she married John Albert Wilkinson in the 4th qtr 1859 his Occ at that time was a Police Constable, Residence 51, Albert Road, Luton. John and Augusta had three known children all girls. Augusta Victoria died 3rd qtr 1872 Bethnal Green. When Jemima married John Albert his Occ; Watchman they lived at 18, Thorold Street, Hackney. They had seven known children. John Albert changed his Occ to an ; Early Riser Caller most of his children followed this Occupation also. Jemima died in the 4th qtr 1892, Bethnal Green. John Albert remarried to Temperance Crump born 1856, the marraige was in the 2nd qtr 1894, Shoreditch. They had one known child in 1896. Temperance died 1st qtr 1942 Edmonton.

Mary Wilkinson 1858 -

Caroline A Wilkinson 1869 - 1943.
Married 3rd qtr 1890 to. William Garwood b, 1870. Children as follows;

William Garwood 1891.
George William Garwood 1893- 1893.
Elizabeth Alice Garwood 1895- 1895.
Charlotte Florence Garwood 1896.
John Garwood 1899.
Ethel Hilda Garwood 1905-1906.

Emily Wilkinson 1870 - 1931
Married 2nd qtr 1890 to Frederick John Robins b. 1869.Children as follows;

Lilian Rosetta Robins 1891.
Frederick William Robins 1896.
Henry Robins 1897.
Charles Robins 1899.
Florence Robins 1901.
Albert Robins 1903.

Herbert Wilkinson 1874 - 1922.

William Henry Wilkinson 1876 - 1937
Married Harriet F Macdonald 4th qtr 1905.

Joseph Wilkinson 1878 -

Florence C Wilkinson 1880 - 1965.
Married William Thorpe 3rd qtr 1916.

Rose Wilkinson 1883 -19xx.
Married 3rd qtr 1918 to Walter A Poole B.1883 - 1944 Ilford.

Kate Wilkinson 1886 -

Frederick John Wilkinson 1889 - 1958 Ealing.
Married 3rd qtr 1909 to Sarah Ada King b,1889 - 1931. Children as follows;

Frederick John Wilkinson b,19th Dec 1909 - 1976 London City. Frederick John the son of frederick and Sarah Ada King married 3rd qtr 1932 to Ada F Pattison b.1911.

The other children of Frederick John Wilkinson and Sarah King.
Herbert J Wilkinson 1912.
Ada E Wilkinson 1916.
James C Wilkinson 1920.
Florence D Wilkinson1923.
Rose L Wilkinson 1926.
Joseph R Wilkinson1928 -1928.
Helen E Wilkinson 1931 -1941.

Charles Joseph Wilkinson b. 18th May 1896 - 1976. the son of John Albert Wilkinson and Temprence Crump. Married 4th qtr 1915 to Mary Lewis b.1898 - 1941. Children as follows;

Children; Charles S Wilkinson 1917.
Frederick W Wilkinson 1920.
John E Wilkinson 1922.
(Twins) James A and Albert W Wilkinson 1924.
(Twins) Leonard G and Ronald V Wilkinson 1927.


William Skingle. born 4th qtr 1855, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Married Susan Gobell, of Dagenham born 1856, The daughter of James Gobble and Sarah Perry. The marraige took place in the 3rd qtr 1879, West Ham. William's 1881 Occ; Police Constable, Res; 81, West Road, West Ham. They had Three known children. William's occ; 1889 was a Local Bailiff for Bow County Court. Res; 15, Cedars Road, West Ham.
It was reported in The Illustrated Police Newspaper on Saturday 23rd Nov 1889 That a Samuel Bailey a Watercress dealer of 9, Lea-bridge Gardens, Leyton. Was charged with assualting Mr William Skingle a Bailiff of Bow County Court whilst carrying out his duty. It appears that sometime before the defendant was in a case with a Mr Allcock. On the 10th October 1889 Mr W. Skingle with another officer called at the defendants house to collect payment of the levy placed upon Mr Bailey but found the house empty of all goods, but came upon Mr Bailey as they were leaving he was driving a pony and cart Mr Skingle stopped him and read out the warrant and told him the pony and cart would be seized if he did not come to some arrangement with Mr Allcock. Mr Bailey claimed the pony and cart were not his he became violent and when Mr Skingle tried to obtain the pony he was struck several blows from the butt end of a whip Mr Bailey was carrying, then he drove off. When Mr Bailey was arrested he said he was sorry and wished he had allowed the pony to be taken, he pleaded guilty to the assault and after consultation between the two parties a fine of 20 shillings and costs were imposed. It is 1891 and Susan's sister Emily Gobell born 1861 is with them she is registered as a Domestic Servant, wether that is to the family I cannot say but it is possible, they still Reside at ; 15, Cedars Road, West Ham. In 1901 William is still a bailiff and they now live at 569, Romford Road, West Ham. In 1911 William and Susan are on their own and are now living at 60, Chaucer Road, Forest Gate. William died 17th May 1932, West Ham. Susan died on the 23rd Jan 1940 in Whipps Cross Hospital,Essex. Susan was buried on the 26th Jan 1940 at West Ham Cemetery Newham.

Susan left effects to the value of 813-19s-10d to her only surviving child William Herbert Henry Skingle, Occ; Building Mechants Manager.

William Herbert Henry Skingle 1880 - 1942.
Florence Rosa Skingle 1884 - 1905
John William Skingle 1894 - 1895


Charles D.Skingle born 1858 The Son of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Charles Occ; was a Postman G.P.O. He Married Susannah Reynolds born 1862 , Sawbridgeworth Herts. Charles married Susannah on the 5th April 1881 Sawbridgeworth,Hertfordshire. Residence 1891, 1901, 1911 is Bury Road, Harlow Essex. Charles Daniel reported on Sunday morning the 23rd April 1882 he had collected mail bags from Harlow Station, when returning home he was attacked by two men who tried to take the mail bags. Charles Daniel. died of injuries from being knocked down by a train at Harlow Station Epping. On a Saturday night in Oct 1914 Charles accompanied by his wife Susannah they had gone to Harlow Station to place a bag of mail onto the 10.32pm Train to London. As he crossed the tracks he was struck by an Engine. Placing mail bags on trains was just one of the task's he had been doing as the local Postman for some 37 years. Charles Daniel and Susannah had nine children. Susannah died 2nd qtr 1933, Billericay.

Martha Louisa Skingle 1881 - 1918
Charles Henry.Skingle 1885 - 1918
William Skingle 1888 - 1974
Florence Esther Skingle 1889 - 1968
Thomas Skingle 1891 - 1968
Arthur Skingle 1892 - 1893
Kate Cordella Skingle 1892 - 1964
Joseph Skingle 1893- 1912
Daisy Sarah Skingle 1896 - 1977

EMMA SKINGLE 1863- 1941

Emma Skingle born 1st qtr 1863, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. 1881 0cc; servant in the home of Frederic Edwards and his family. London Road, Harlow. 1891 Occ; Housemaid to Clement Alliston (Wholesale Warehouseman) and his wife and Daughter, Res; 9, Homesdale Road, Bromley, Kent. Emma married Stephen George Francis born 1865, Great Canfield. In the 1st qtr 1898, Fulham. 1901 Emma and Stephen were staying with Emma's widowed father Daniel. Emma and Stephen had two known children. Stephen's Occ in 1911 was Railway Carman, they were living at the Dockyard, Harlow. Stephen George Died 1st qtr 1936 Epping, Emma died 1941 Epping.

Minnie Ada Francis 3rd Nov 1904 - 1974
Frederick Stephen Francis 30th Dec 1906 - 1988


Alfred Edward Skingle born 4th qtr 1867, London. The Son of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Alfred married Margaret Bryan, born 1870, Dublin. The daughter of Unknown Bryan and Margeret Unknown born 1845 Co Meath. Alfred and Margaret's marriage took place in the 3rd qtr 1887, Dublin. In the 1901 census the family were living at number 2, Malachy Place, Dublin. Margaret's mother Margeret Bryan age 56 and Christopher Bryan age 24 and Bridget Bryan age 22 were boarders. In 1911 Alfreds Occ; General Labourer They had nine known children, eight were living in house number 8, Northcourt Avenue, Lower, Middle, Upper.( North Dock Ward )Dublin. The ninth child was 19 year old Alfred J he was stationed at Army Barracks in Hampshire, Hants. Margaret died in the 3rd qtr 1918, Dublin. Alfred Edward died in the 1st qtr 1928, Dublin.

Martha Skingle 1888 -
Patrick Skingle 1890 - 1951
Alfred J Skingle 1892 - 1966
Margeret Skingle 1895 -
Charlie Skingle 1898 -
Mary Skingle 1903 -
Thomas Joseph Skingle 1904- 1969
Walter Skingle 1906 - 1955
Annie Skingle 1910

ALICE SKINGLE 1873- 1956

Alice Skingle born 1873, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Alice married John Hills he was born in 1857. The marraige took place in 1890, at Hartley/Whitney, Hampshire. They had eight known children but one had died before 1911. Family Residence ; 22, Arlington Road, Bath. John Hills died in 1949. Alice died in 1956.

Lilian Mary Hills 1891 - 1987
Dorothy Valentina Hills 1893 - 1971
Edith Primrose Hills - 1896 - 1898
John Hills 1897 -1989
Hilda Ruby Hills 1900 -1989 -
Reginald Herbert Hills 1903 - 1991
Harold Leslie Hills 1908 - 1978
Clifford James Hills 1911 - 1970

ANNIE SKINGLE 1875- 1904

Annie Skingle born 1875, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Daughter of Daniel Skingle and Martha Perry. Annie died May 1904, Epping. Annie was buried 13th May 1904 West Ham Cemetery Newham.


Eve Elizabeth Ann Skingle born 4th qtr 1850 birth registered Jan 1851, Hatfield Broad Oak. The Daughter of William Skingle and Naomi Waller. In 1861 Eve Elizabeth Ann was living with her mother and Stepfather George Waud and her stepsister Louisa 3yrs old and stepbrother George 1yr old in Cripplesgate, London. Eve Elizabeth married William Taylor on the 20th Jan 1878 Christ Church, St Bartholomew, Moor Lane. London. Witness to the marraige was George Waud, Eve Elizabeth Ann's stepfather. William Taylor's Occ; Meat Market Porter. Eve Elizabeth and William had five known children.

Emma Taylor 1880 - 1882
William J Taylor 1889 -
Lilian A Taylor 1890 -
Bertie T Taylor 1891 -
Bertha O Taylor 1896 -

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