William Herbert Henry Skingle born 1880, West Ham. The Son of William Skingle and Susan Gobell. Occ; 1901, Builders Clerk, Res; 569, Romford Road. Married Kathleen Eliza Lovatt,born 1877, in the 3rd qtr 1902, West Ham. They had one Known child. William Herbert Henry died 3rd qtr 1942, Essex S.W. Kathleen was killed when a flying bomb landed on the local school in 3rd qtr 1944, West Ham.

Herbert William Skingle 1905 - 1959

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Florence Rosa Skingle born 1884, West Ham. The Daughter of William Skingle and Susan Gobell. Occ; Laundry Maid. Florence Rosa died Dec 1905, West Ham. Florence Rosa was buried on the 21st Dec 1905 at West Ham Cemetery Newham.


John William Skingle born 1st qtr 1894, West Ham. The son of William Skingle and Susan Gobell. John William died 3rd qtr 1895, West Ham.


Martha Louisa Skingle born 17th Aug 1881, Christened 2nd Oct 1881, Epping. The Daughter of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Martha Louisa died Feb 1917, Islington. Martha was buried on the 20th Feb 1917 at Islington Cemetery, Islington.


Charles Henry.Skingle born 3rd qtr 1885, Epping. The son of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Occ; 1901 Engine Driver Collier Works. Charles Henry went to Japan on the 18th Sept 1909 on the ship "BINGO MASU" registered as a merchant on the ships passenger list. Charles married Winifred Kezia Hopkins born 1880, the daughter of Charles E Hopkins and wife Mary,they have a farm of 326 acres in size called Manor Farm, in Child Okeford. The couple Charles and Winifred married in Kuala Lumpur, Federated Malay States, some time in 1911. They had three known children. They first appear as Winifred Kezia and a young Florence approx 12 months old arriving at the port of London on the 22nd Jan 1913, the ship came from Yokohama, Japan. Winifred Kezia is recorded on the ships listing as occupation a nurse. Charles Henry is not with them. The couple with the eldest two children are next found leaving for Singapore on 12th Jan 1914 aboard the ship "MALTA", Charles Occ registered as ; Draper. Charles with Winifred Kezia and their family now of three children returned to England from Singapore /Japan on the vessel " KASHGAR" on Sept 19th 1915 via London Docks. They planned to Reside at; 2, Bury Road, Harlow, Essex. Charles Henry died of illness while serving abroad in 1918, he is listed on the memorial at St Marys church, Churchgate Street, Harlow. Winifred Kezia died on the 2nd of July 1928, Sherbourne. Winifred Kezia left effects to the value of 110 to Edith Decima Hoare and William Dewey a car Proprietor.

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Florence Winifred Skingle 1912 - 1973
Edwin Henry Skingle 1913 - 1962
Charles Joseph Skingle 1915 - 1990


William Skingle born 26th Jan 1888, Epping. The Son of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. William Occ; is an Assurance Agent in 1911. William married Elisabeth M Springham born 1891. In the 3rd qtr 1914, Bishop Stortford. Elisabeth M died 1957, Epping. William died 1st qtr 1974, Epping.


Florence Esther Skingle born 3rd qtr 1889, Epping. The Daughter of Charles Daniel.Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Florence Married John Alfred Turner, in 3rd qtr 1908, Epping. They had four known children.

Nesta M Turner 1914 1st qtr -.
Alfred C Turner 1921 2nd qtr -
Robert F Turner 1922 4th qtr -
Peter H Turner 1924 2nd qtr -

THOMAS SKINGLE 1891 - 1968

Thomas Skingle born 2nd qtr 1891, Ware. The Son of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Thomas's Occ; Chauffer. Thomas married Minnie H Thurgood born 1887. The marraige took place on the 24th May 1920, Hockerhill, Bishop Stortford. Thomas and Minnie lived at Burnt Mill Lane, near Harlow. Thomas age 29yrs enlisted on the 31st Oct 1920 regimental No.386971 Essex Yeomanry he was discharged on the 30th Oct 1921. They had no known children. Thomas died 2nd qtr 1968, Hatfield Broad Oak. Minnie H died 3rd qtr 1968, Hatfield.

ARTHUR SKINGLE 1892 - 1893

Arthur Skingle born 3rd qtr 1892, Epping.(Twin) The Son of Charles Daniel.Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Arthur died 1st qtr 1893, Hatfield Broad Oak.


Kate Cordella Skingle born 3rd qtr 1892, Epping. (Twin) The Daughter of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Kate Married William J Burton 1911, Epping. They had eight known children. William J died in the 4th qtr 1942 Epping. Kate Cordella died in the 2nd qtr 1964 Epping.

Thomas W Burton 1912, 2nd qtr -.
Charles J Burton 1913, 4th qtr -.
Harold J Burton 1915, 3rd qtr -.
Walter J Burton 1920 -.
Frederick S Burton 1921 -.
Benjamin H Burton 1922 -.
Daisy A Burton 1924 .
Donald E Burton 1927 -.

JOSEPH SKINGLE 1893 - 1912

Joseph Skingle born 21st Mar 1893, Epping. The Son of Charles Daniel.Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Joseph died 4th May 1912, Weymouth.

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Daisy Sarah Skingle born 7th July 1896. The Daughter of Charles Daniel Skingle and Susannah Reynolds. Daisy Married Francis Harold Sampford born 2nd Oct 1895. The marraige was in 1919 at Epping. They had one known child. Daisy Sarah died in the 3rd qtr 1977. Francis Harold died in the 4th qtr 1981.

Michael Robert Sampford born 2nd Jul 1925 - 1983 2nd qtr

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