James Weaver. born 1822, Islington. The Son of Mary Ann Skingle and James Weaver. Jane Skingle born 1789 the daughter of Thomas Skingle and Elizabeth Wing, Stebbing, Jane was running the Chequers Inn and Folly farm at Felsted Essex in 1841. along with 19 year old James Weaver who changed his name to James Skingle Weaver some time after 1841 and before the birth of his first child Frederick in 1845. James married Letitia Lattice Newman. In the 2nd qtr 1844,Braintree. They had four known children. Letitia Lattice died in the 4th qtr 1858,Dunmow. James remarried to Susannah Laver born 1828, Kelvedon. In the 4th qtr 1860. They had three known children.
The Felsted Estate comprising of 11 plots of land were put up for Auction in 1866, THE PALL MALL GAZETTE Dated 23rd June 1866 stated Norton Trist and Co. Would be Auctioning 11 plots of land from the Felsted Estate on Thursday 26th July 1866 to start at 1.oo Oclock sharp at the Token House Yard near the Bank of England. Lot.2 Was the Chequers Inn and the surrounding Farm land connected to it. James and Susannah adopted a child his name was Hugh. James died and was recorded as plain James Weaver in 1902 Dunmow. Susannah died in 1906, Billericay.

Frederick Skingle NewmanWeaver 1845 -
Kenneth Weaver 1848 - 1893
Lettitia Lattice Weaver 1850 - 1901
Jane Weaver 1852 - 1935
Mary Weaver 1863 -
Thomas Skingle Weaver 1866 - 1917
Edward James Weaver 1867 - 1897
Selina Maud Weaver 1870 - 1944
Hugh Weaver 1893 - 1957

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