Joseph William Skingle born 12th June christened as just Joseph on the 21st June 1825 Lambeth, Surrey. Joseph would be re christened two years later adding William as a second name on 28th Dec 1828 St Luke, Chelsea. The Son of Joseph Skingle and Louisa Slarke, his 1841 Occ; Cabinet Maker and french polisher. Joseph William enlisted into the Army to serve for an unlimited period on the 9th Nov 1842 in London. He arrived in India on the "Alexander" on the 28th Aug 1843, serving as a Gunner, Military serial No.3662. 5th Company, 3rd Brigade of Artillery. Then later as a Bombardier in Bengal Horse Artillery also in India. Joseph married Rosabella Simmonds born 6th July and Baptised on the 15th July 1835 Agra,India. Daughter of William Simmonds born 1811 and Caroline Vaughan born 1819, they had married 3rd Sept 1833, Chunar, India. Joseph and Rose's marriage took place on the 21st Sept 1848 at Umballa, Bengal in India. By Jan 1855 Joseph had been promoted to a Sergeant in the Horse Artillery. In 1861 Joseph was Quartermaster Sergeant in the 3rd Brigade Artillery, then later in 1861 he volunteered to join the 4th Battery and 16th Brigade Royal Artillery as Quartermaster Sergeant. Joseph and Rosabella had four known children. Joseph died aged 38 years old on the 16th March 1863.

( Joseph's and Rosa's four children were all born in India )

Louisa Georgina Skingle 1852 -
Emmeline Skingle 1855 - 1856
Jessie Skingle 1860 - 1923
Amelia Eugenie Skingle 1861 - 1943


Rosabella Skingle (nee)Simmonds, Widow of the late Joseph Skingle, Rosabella remarried to 31 year old batchelor Michael O'Connor an Overseer and Sergeant in stud Dept of the Horse Artillery, he was born in Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland. The son of Henry Butler O'Connor. Michael and Rosa married on the 10th Sept 1863, Barrackpore, West Bengal, India. They went on to have seven known children of their own. Rosabella died on the 2nd Oct 1889, Roorkee. Death Registered on the 9th Oct 1889, cause not known. Michael a Lieutenant late of Remount Depot, Saharanpore. died on the 21st Jan 1900, cause not known.

( All the following children were born in India to learn more Click on the Return Lozenge directly below )

William Henry O'Connor c.1864 -
Francis/Fanny Maria Butler O'Connor c.1868 - Married Harry Bailey, baptised 1860.
Ella Kate O'Connor c.1867 - Married Henry Glenn.They had a daughter Ismay.
Ida Toonna O'Connor c.1869 -
Achibald Michael O'Connor 1871- married Grace Unknown they had three children, Evelyn 1903, Eileen 1904,Christobel 1908.
Charles Edward O'Connor 1873 -
Gerald Butler O'Connor 1875 - Married Nora Sache 1904.


Thomas James born 21st july 1827, Chelsea. Christened 28th Dec 1828 St Luke. Chelsea. The son of Joseph Skingle and Louisa Slarke. Thomas's 1841 Occ; Smith. Thomas married Emily Hesther Drinkle born 1833, Occ; Net maker. The marraige took place on the 19th May 1850 at St Pancras. Clarrisa Margaret Jane Skingle was one of the witness's at the marraige of Thomas James and Emily Hesther. Thomas and Emily had eight children, Emily died in Jun 1866 aged 33 years of age St Pancras. Emily Hesther was buried 24th Jun 1866 St Pancras Cemetery Camden. Thomas Re Married to Elizabeth Sarah Porter, born on 29th Dec 1839. The marraige was in 4th qtr 1870, Westminster, Thomas's Occ; Iron Bedstead maker. They had five known children but by 1911 only two remained alive. 1881, Thomas's Occ; Furniture Dealer, Residence: 25 Tottenham Road, St Pancras, London. Occ; Porter and Res in 1891; 12, Landseer Street. Thomas James and Elizabeth Sarah were residing at number 2, Gladstone Street, Battersea in the 1911 census records. Elizabeth Sarah died 1st qtr 1913, Wandsworth. Thomas James died 3rd qtr 1923, Wandsworth.

Emily Esther Skingle 1851 -1863
Thomas William Skingle 1852 - 1924
Joseph Skingle 1854 - 1913
Emma Louisa Skingle 1855 - 1855
William Skingle 1858 - 1928
Jane Caroline Skingle 1860 - 1937
Albert Skingle 1862 - 1862
Alice Skingle 1863 - 1938
Emily Skingle 1868 -
Jane Elizabeth Skingle 1873 - 1960
Mary Louisa Skingle 1876 - 1876
James Thomas.Skingle 1877 - 1931


Robert Skingle born 1830, kensington and Chelsea. Christened 22nd Jun 1831 Holy Trinity, Brompton Road. Kensington and Chelsea. The son of Joseph Skingle and Louisa Slarke.


Emma Skingle born 1831, Pancras. The Daughter of Joseph Skingle and Louisa Slarke. Emma's 1851 Occ; Net Maker. Emma had a son George in 1850, St Pancras, she was unmarried at the time. The birth certificate of the young George, claims that she is married to an Edward Fletcher a shoemaker, it is also claimed that he is the childs father.

George Pelham Skingle/Fletcher 1850 -


Clarrisa Margaret Jane Skingle born 1832, Bethnal Green. The Daughter of Thomas Skingle and Martha Unknown. Clarrisa Margaret Jane was a witness at the marraige of her cousin Thomas James Skingle to Emily Drinkle on the 19th May 1850 Saint Pancras. Clarrisa Margaret Jane married Thomas Grubb on the 25th Aug 1852, Paddington. They had three known children. Thomas's Occ; Publican. Res; 63, Broad Street, North Side, The Three Tuns. Clarrisa Margaret died 3rd qtr 1863.

Thomas J Grubb 1855 -
Emily J Grubb 1859 - Married Fuller.
Clara Grubb 1861 -

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