Clarrisa Margaret Jane Skingle born 1832, Bethnal Green. The Daughter of Thomas Skingle and Martha Brogreff. Clarrisa Margaret Jane was a witness at the marraige of Thomas James Skingle to Emily Drinkle on the 19th May 1850 Saint Pancras. Clarrisa Margaret Jane married Thomas Grubb on the 25th Aug 1852, Paddington. They had three known children. Thomas's Occ; Publican. Res; 63, Broad Street, North Side, The Three Tuns. Clarrisa Margaret died 3rd qtr 1863.

Thomas J Grubb 1855 -
Emily J Grubb 1858 -
Clara Grubb 1860 -


Stephen Skingle born 15th Sept, 1834, Christened 2nd Nov 1834 Dunmow. The Son of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. Stephen's Occ; Jobber. married Ann Shepherd born 14th July 1836, daughter of William Sheppard, Occ; Carpenter. Westbury, Somerset. Witness's to the marraige were Joseph Skingle this was Stephens Uncle and Rachel Smith. The marraige was on the 1st Jan 1857, in the Independent Chapel, Great Dunmow, Essex. Where Stephen had been Christened on the 2nd Nov in 1834. Their residence in 1871 was, 4 & 5 Archer Mews, Notting Hill, Kensington, London. In 1870 Stephen's Occ was a; cattle drover / cattle dealer.
On the 7th April 1875 a man called Tom Goddard (Occ;Drover ) talked my Great Grandfather William into letting him go into the stable belonging to My Great Great Grandfather Stephen Skingle at 4,-5, Archer Mews, Notting Hill, using the pretext that he had a buyer for a cow, where it was thought he proceeded to pick up a shovel standing nearby and smashed it over the head of a cow he then left the stable, calling across the yard to William the son of Stephen, that he would return with a possible buyer for the animal. When Stephen returned home he went into the stable and found the cow was in a very bad way, so he had to send for a vet a Mr Reilly who decided that the animal should be put down directly. When the accused Tom Goddard was challenged with the offence he denied ever being in the stable, so he was sent for trial.
( The Author: I cannot confirm this odd story as true, at this time.)
In the 1881 census Stephen's Occ was recorded as just; cow dealer, still their residence was in 4 & 5 Archer Mews, Notting Hill, Kensington, London. In 1891 Stephen's Occ; Drover, Stephen and Ann are now living at 47, Swinbrook Road, Kensington. 1901 his Occ is a ; General Dealer with a Shop. Stephen and Ann had eight known children four Sons and four Daughters. Ann died Oct 1910, Kensington. Stephen died Jan 1912,at Kensington.
( The Author:
I can now confirm that the story of the cow being hit over the head was true, as it was reported in a newspaper of the time, The Lloyds Weekly ( London Edition ) on Sunday April 11th 1875.)

William Skingle 1857 - 1935
Anne Skingle 1859 -
Thomas Henry Skingle 1864 - 1930
Mary Elizabeth Skingle 1868 - 1910
Samuel Skingle 1870 -1950
Ellen Skingle 1872 -1914
Jane Eliza Skingle 1873 - 1927
Walter Stephen Skingle 1877 -1968

GEORGE SKINGLE 1837 - 1895

George Skingle born 1837. Dunmow, Essex. The Son of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. George's Occ; 1881 Cattle Dealer. Married Jane Tapseett born in 1843 in Collompton, Devon. Jane was the daughter of Richard Tapseett Occ; Clerk. The marraige took place on the 31st July 1864 Paddington. The witness's were (believe it is but writing is poor) John Stewart and George's younger sister Susan Skingle. George and Jane's Res; 1871, 35, Earl Street, Marylebone. Res: 1881. 76, Devonshire Street, Marylebone, London. George died 19th April 1895, Marylebone age 58. Janes Occ. 1901 Charwoman. Res; 8, St Earls Street, Marleybone. They had Seven children. Jane died 4th qtr 1902, Marylebone.

Jane Skingle 1867 - 1929
Emma Skingle 1870 - 1890
Louise Skingle 1872 - 1894.
George Henry.Skingle 1876 - 1947
Frederick Skingle 1878 - 1879
John Edward Skingle 1881- 1964
Alfred Henry Skingle 1882- 1917


William Bradfield Skingle born 1838, Dunmow, Essex. The Son of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. William's Occ; Milkman. William Married Susan Hall who was born in 1843 at Lambeth, Surrey. They married on the 21st Dec 1862 at Kensington. The marraige witness's were Thomas Skingle and Ann Rose. In the 1871 census William and Susan are Residing in Salisbury Street, Marylebone. Occ; Cab Driver. William remained a Cab Driver most of his life. 1881 Res; 3, Queens Road, Chelsea, Susan's Occ; Laundress. Susan died in the 1st qtr 1889,at Marylebone. In 1891 William's Res; is as a Lodger in a room at number 46, Brosley Terrace, Marylebone. William B died Jan 1903, at Kensington age 64years.

SUSAN SKINGLE 1841 - 1901

Susan Skingle born 3rd qtr 1841 at Dunmow, Essex. The Daughter of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. Susan was a servant to Dawson Burns, A Baptist Minister and his Familiy at the time of the 1861 census, Res; 8, Alfred Road, Paddington. Susan Married James Bedford born 1844, Mayfair, Piccadily. In the 3rd qtr 1866 at Kensington. They had five children. James Occ 1871; Lithographic Printer, Res; 42, Fitzroy Road. Res 1881 is; 27, Charles Street, Newington. In 1891 Susan's Mother Elizabeth now a Widow is living with them at Res; 23, Edward Street, Newington. Elizabeth Susan's mother died in the 3rd qtr 1891, St Saviours, Southwark. James Susan's husband died in the 4th qtr 1896 Lambeth. Census 1901, Susan is now a widow living with her five children, Plus her Grandaughter Ida Florence Bedford aged 6yrs, As her son Jabez James had married in the 2nd qtr of 1892, to Ethel Elizabeth Cheshire. Ida Florence was born in the 1st qtr of 1895. Ethel Elizabeth died in the 1st qtr 1896, aged 28yrs. Res; 4, Renfrew Rd. Jabez James Bedford's res in 1912 is; 68, Horbert Grove, Stockwell. Susan died in Lambeth in the 2nd qtr of 1901 aged 59 years.

Jabez James Bedford
1867 -
William A Bedford 1872 -
Frederick H Bedford 1874 -
Ernest S Bedford 1876 -
Elizabeth Bedford 1879 -

SAMUEL SKINGLE 1844 - 1930

Samuel Skingle born 4th Feb 1844, Great Dunmow, Essex. The Son of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. In 1861 Samuel's Occ; Grocer. 1871 Res; 46 ,Fitzroy Road, Pancras. Occ; Theological Institute, student. 1872 Samuel was a Baptist Minister pastering in Whitchurch, Hants, for three years. In that time he Married Esther Heritage born 1851, Ingoldsey, Lincolnshire, her 1871 Occ; Assistant School Teacher being trained by her Widowed Aunt Mary S Wood, a Qualified Teacher. Esther being the Daughter of William Heritage and Sarah Wood.The marraige took place in the 3rd qtr 1873 at Basford, Derby. It was reported in two newspapers of the time The Yorkshire Telegraph and The Sussex Chronicle that Samuel and Esther were visitors to Southsea on the 16th Aug that year,staying at Feemantle House, Clarence Parade, perhaps this was their honeymoon? They had their first child in 1874. In 1875 Samuel was given a ministry in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. He and his family remained for just one year, in that time another child was born. In 1878 they had a third child born in Staly Bridge, Lancashire. 1880 Samuel and Family are in Bishop Burton, East Retford.
1886 Thursday 3rd June the Daily News reported The Baptist Ministers had written a letter to the First Lord of the Treasury, the Right Honorable W. E. Gladstone, MP. Stating that the Baptist College have great confidence in him as leader, also they had great faith in him introducing a measure to allow the Irish People to govern themselves in purely Irish Matters, plus a share in Imperial Affairs. Among the many names listed are the Reverend Samuel Skingle West Retford; Hilderic Friend Worksop.
On the 8th of Feb 1888 it was reported in the Ipswich Journal that at a lecture on the life of John Knox at Sudbury. The Reverend Skingle also played /solo some tunes on the violin as part of the evenings entertainment.
On Thursday 25th of Feb 1899 The Leeds Mercury reported that at the Yorkshire Association of Baptist Churches annual meeting it was decided to send a telegram to Her Majesty Queen Victoria congradulating her on her 80th birthday, among those listed on the telegram is the Reverend Samuel Skingle, East Retford.
In the 1901 census Esther's widowed Aunt 71 yr old Mary S Wood was staying with them,wether this was just a visit or she was living with them is unknown. Samuel remained Pastor at East Retford for 30 years, he retired in 1926. Samuel and Esther had eight children. Samuel died on the 12th Oct 1930, Samuel's funeral was on Wed 15th of Oct at the Baptist Church, Burton. Beverley. Esther died on the 2nd Feb 1934, Beverley. Upon Esther's death her effects were passed to her son Harold Edwin Occ ; Draper, the total value involved was 720- 18s-9d

Beatrice Mary Skingle 1874 -1956
Edith Skingle 1875 - 1911
Etter Hyde Skingle 1878 -1942
Ernest Heritage Skingle 1880 -1959
Harold Edwin Skingle 1881 -1966
Gertrude Maria Skingle 1883 - 1908
Cecil Heritage Skingle 1884 - 1966
Hilda Susie Skingle 1887 - 1968


Jabez Skingle bn 1st qtr 1846, Great Dunmow, Essex. The Son of Stephen Skingle and Elizabeth Bradfield. They were in Fitzroy Road, St Pancras in 1871 Jabez aged 25yrs Occ; was Assurance Agent.
It was reported in the Daily News ( London Edition ) on the 7th July 1871, At the London Bankruptcy Court at Lincolns- Inn. Registrar Pepy's chief judge. Objections to proof Mr B.Fuller, contested registration; J. Skingle. Jabez's occ 1881, Photography Res; 172,Blackfriars Road. and 92, Fleet Street, EC, London. At time of 1881 census Jabez was at his sister'Susan's house, Occ; Hawker Trading in Portraiture. Recorded by enumerator as Jabez S.Ringle.aged 38yrs.
Reported in the newspaper June 17th 1882, Edward Kenward was charged with in embezzlement of one pound from Jabez Skingle photographer. Mr Kenward was employed by Mr Skingle to run his shop at 24, College Green and to collect payments from customer's who owed money also to Manage the business, he was paid the sum of one pound per week plus 5percent on everything above 20 pounds. It is charged that he took payments from a Mr and Mrs Lucas who had a portrait done and was paying 2 shillings a week all except for one week when they had paid one pound. According to Jabez his books showed a total deficit of seven pounds. Edward Kenward pleaded guilty and was given 2 months hard labour.
In 1884 Jabez had moved to 34, Bute Street, Cardiff. Occ; Picture frame maker and Photogapher, with chambers in St Mary Street, Cardiff. On the Thursday 21st Aug 1884 it was reported in the Western Mail ( Cardiff Wales ) James Mansfield was charged of stealing 2 photographic lenses value 10 pounds and a ring value 12shillings and sixpence from Mary Street the property of Jabez Skingle. James was employed by Jabez to manage the shop, he claimed that he had pawned the items to pay another member of the staff wages and other bills. The case was ajourned for a week so witness's could be found.
The Liverpool Mercury on Jan 3rd 1885. It reported that the first Official Receiver meeting on Jabez's business will be on 12th Jan at 12-30. Also that a public Examination would take place on the 30th Jan at 12am.
Tuesday Jan 13th 1885 the newspaper Western Mail reported Cardiff Photography Failure. On Monday 12th a first meeting held on the business of Mr Jabez Skingle.
July 31st 1885 Reported at a public examination on the Bankruptcy of Mr Jabez Skingle he had said he had lost between 300 - 400 pounds on the business other costs also taken into account, the business had a total debt of 630 plus pounds. Jabez was declared bankrupt.
Saturday 1st Aug 1885 the newspaper Daily News reported that on the Friday July 31st Jabez paid a dividend of seven and half pence.first and last.
At the 1891 census Jabez was 43yrs which was more like his true age, Res; 8, Worcester Street, Gloucester. His nephew William A Bedford, along with a three other photographic Assistants were Boarders, Along with a Young Photographer Frederick R.Laintow also living there.
Jabez sailed from Liverpool to America on 20th Feb, 1913, on the
S.S.CELTIC (Pic) arriving at Ellis Island on 2nd March that year, claiming his age as 57 years, Height five feet five and a half,brown hair, grey eyes. Fifty seven was 10 years younger than he was. He gave his Home Address as 2453 N15th Street. Philadelphia, U.S.A. Jabez for some reason had given his nephew Jabez James Bedford's name and address 68, Horbert Grove , as next of kin. From looking at the Celtic's passenger documents, I believe that Jabez had emigrated to America ten years before in maybe 1903 or earlier. This was just a return from a visit to England, perhaps he was returning after the funeral of his eldest brother Stephen. Also perhaps he had to settle any family matters as he was the last of his generation apart from his elder brother the Reverand Samuel Skingle, this would also explain giving Jabez James Bedford as next of kin. New information shows a James Skingle aged 56yrs occ; Photographer was registered leaving from Liverpool on March 23rd 1904 on the SS. NOORLANDO. According to the ships passenger list, he was returning home to what looks like 2550, New Kirk St, Philidelphia. This trip would fit in with the death of William Bradfield Skingle an older brother of Jabez Skingle. It appears that Jabez was not against using different christian names and different ages, for some reason only known to himself. I beleive this to be Jabez if correct, This makes it more likely that Jabez had Emigrated to America possibly as early as 1901/02 not 1913 as previously thought. Perhaps we will never know.

Sixth Generation

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